2021 Dues are due.  This year you can pay your dues via PayPal, credit card, cash, or mail a check.  Visit the “Pay Dues” page on this website.

The President of the Kinston Amateur Radio Society would like to invite all Amateur Radio Operators to the December Business meeting of the Kinston Amateur Radio Society club, we will meet On-the-Air at 8pm on the meeting on the 8th of December.

The meeting will be held virtually over the radio.  We will be using both W4OIX repeater (PL 88.5).  The meeting will take the place of the Tuesday evening Net.  The meeting will start at 8:00 pm.   Pete Wene, WA5T will be net control for the meeting.  The meet/net will be formal and Net Control will be taking all check ins for the first 10 minutes or so and directing all comments/traffic.  If you have a radio and can hear the net but can not hit the repeater then we will take your check in by texting Pete Wene, WA5T, at 919-440-2937…….please lets limit the Text check ins to only those who can hear the repeater but cannot check in.

The agenda will go thusly; After check ins are complete, Peter,WA5T, president, will make opening Remarks.

After opening remarks WA5T will call for Secretary’s, treasure’s and Trustee’s reports.

After each report WA5T will as ask for approval……instead of going through the role a positive response will be “no response”.  If anyone disagrees then they should throw out their call sign and WA5T will respond….text for a negative response as well.   We will assume there has been a “motion to accept” in all cases.

Once the reports are final and all questions/comments are addressed WA5T will move on to ..

“old business” followed by “new business”.  Once that is complete WA5T will open the floor for comments.

If you have something you would like to discuss please let WA5T know and he will add it to the agenda.

Again this not the standard meeting format so please use your best radio manners and courtesy……I hope to hear you all on 12th of May at 8pm, using the W4OIX repeater.

For more information contact Pete Wene (WA5T) at 919-440-2937 or pete@wene.net


Electrical Engineering Site…..lots of good apps

What is Ham Radio…..click here

Field Day is in the books!  A great time was had by all.  Please attend the July club meeting to hear all about it.  Now we need to turn our attention to some year end activities.

If you have questions, concerns or comments with respect to this page or any other page please contact:  Peter M. Wene (WA5T), Vice President KARS, at information@w4oix.org

Also, if you have a question about how to become a “Ham” please visit the “Becoming a Ham” page on this site or send your questions to information@w4oix.org