Amateur Radio Field Day: June 26th and 27th

Members of the Kinston Amateur Radio Society (KARS) in conjunction with the Wayne County Amateur Radio Association (WCARA) and the Samson County Amateur Radio Service (SCARS) will be participating jointly in the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise on the 26th and 27th of June.  Tri-Club Operations will commence at 2pm on the 26th and cease at 2pm on the 27th.  The Field Day site is located in the wooded area across form 2104 Salem Church Road, Goldsboro NC 27530, just south of Lane Tree Golf Course.

What is Field Day you ask, check out the following Link http://www.arrl.org/field-day.

Set up for Field Day will start Friday afternoon, 3 pm and lasts for a couple of hours.  We will return to the site Saturday morning and complete the setup.  I you have time come out and help set up.

Operations will start at 2 pm Saturday until 2 pm Sunday.  All three clubs need operators and loggers.  If you have never operated Field Day now is the time rectify that.

We will have a GOTA (Get On The Air) for new Hams as well as unlicensed individuals.  You will receive instruction on how to operate an HF radio and make contacts.  You then can turn around and help out with the operational stations.

We will be operating the following stations:

GOTA – 10 through 40 Meters SSB

15 Meters SSB

20 Meters SSB

40 Meters SSB

80 Meters SSB

At 6 pm on Saturday we will be having our Field Day evening meal.  Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, and Chips.  There will be soda and water available.

So, mark you calendar and come on out and help us with our Field Day operation.  Again, we need operators and loggers…. come out and help.

For more information about Field Day, contact Peter M. Wene (WA5T), President KARS, at information@w4oix.org

July Meeting:

We will be holding our first “in person” KARS Meeting Saturday the 14th of July 2021

We will meet at the First Presbyterian Church in the fellowship hall at 6:00 pm. 

First Presbyterian Church

2101 N Herritage St

Kinston, NC  28501

Note, Herritage St has two Rs if entering into GPS navigation.   Park on Parrot Ave.  This is between Walgreens and the church.  Enter the door marked Fellowship Hall.

For more information contact Pete Wene (WA5T) at 919-440-2937 or pete@wene.net

Don’t forget your 2021 Dues.  This year you can pay your dues via PayPal, credit card, cash, or mail a check.  Visit the “Pay Dues” page on this website.


Electrical Engineering Site…..lots of good apps

What is Ham Radio…..click here

Field Day We are starting to plan for Field Day 2021…..stay tuned for more information

If you have questions, concerns or comments with respect to this page or any other page please contact:  Peter M. Wene (WA5T), President KARS, at information@w4oix.org

Also, if you have a question about how to become a “Ham” please visit the “Becoming a Ham” page on this site or send your questions to information@w4oix.org